Quality assurance


   Service purpose:Quality first, reputation first, service first


1Select excellent designers and form the best project design team to serve for the design and later construction of the project。 Arrange engineers with rich design experience and good communication and cooperation ability to carry out the whole process of technical service。

2Strengthen the cooperation and communication between project designers and owners, functional departments, etc.Carefully listen to reasonable suggestions from all parties and constantly optimize the design。From design, proofreading, audit, to auditEvery link of the work, strictly implement the quality assurance system of our hospital, carefully designed and refined Design, optimization design。

3Provide high quality and efficient services and timely deal with technical problems related to the construction site。And provide telephone technical advice。Be on call when critical technical issues arise。

4Arrange relevant engineers to attend the on-site construction coordination meeting regularly. Respond promptly to design queries Meaning;And do a good job of technical disclosure, project acceptance and other aspects of work。

5Designers abide by professional ethics in construction services, work due diligence, noReceive gifts and red envelopes from units related to the project without asking, taking, card or asking。

6Actively cooperate with the owner to complete the design review and construction of the project, reply to the review opinions seriously and timely, and improve the design。

7Provide the necessary technical documents and relevant information for the construction unit in a timely manner, and complete the projectOther design and technical work related to the purpose。

8In addition to normal construction services, our company does not regularly send people to the construction site for technology Operative visit。

9Strictly manage design changes, and strengthen communication with construction units during the construction processCoordinate and strictly control design changes to avoid or reduce engineering caused by design changesCost increase。