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Qinghai Province Architectural Survey and Design Institute Co., LTD

        Qinghai Provincial Architectural Survey and Design Research Institute Co., LTD., founded in 1956, was restructured into a limited company by Qinghai Provincial Architectural Survey and Design Research Institute in 2006. It is a unit with national Grade A survey and design qualification in Qinghai Province, and also a leading enterprise of design units in Qinghai Province。The registered capital of the company is 20 million yuan. The company also has Grade A construction project contracting qualification, Grade A engineering consulting qualification, Grade A engineering supervision qualification, Grade B municipal design qualification, Grade B engineering cost consulting qualification and Grade C surveying and mapping qualification。

      The company now has four design offices, geotechnical company, engineering cost consulting department, surveying and mapping engineering Department, general contracting company, technology department, business department, Finance department, agency Affairs Department, logistics service company and other departments。

      Since its establishment more than 50 years ago, the company has completed more than 10,000 industrial civil buildings, municipal facilities and survey and design projects inside and outside the province, and its design tentacles have extended to Xinjiang, Gansu, Xizang, Shenzhen, Yantai, Suzhou, Xi 'an and other provinces and cities。More than 70% of the county water, heat, municipal water supply and drainage planning and water distribution pipe network projects in the province are cast with the efforts of our professional and technical personnel。Especially in recent years,The company adheres to "fair competition, honest service.,Strive to create a stream of design works "enterprise development concept,The concept of positive integration is forward-looking,Design timeliness,Quality national standard,Styling novelty "design elements,A large number of projects such as Qinghai Conference Center, Provincial Museum, Dongguan Mosque, Shenzhen Qinghai Building, South Liang Hutai Heritage Park, Caojiapu Airport T2 terminal, Land Resources Museum, and construction of science and technology building have been widely praised by all walks of life,Won provincial and ministerial awards,And achieved better economic and social benefits。

      The implementation of the national western development policy has provided a good development opportunity for the company once again. The company's leadership team has evaluated the situation and taken the lead in transforming into a joint-stock science and technology enterprise among the provincial survey and design units in the country, established a modern enterprise system and reformed the labor and employment system。People-oriented, and actively provide employees with a platform to show their talents。The implementation of labor distribution, efficiency priority, equity matching distribution incentive mechanism, at the same time adhere to the corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, establish a good social image in the development of the company, take into account the interests of employees and the development of the enterprise synchronizes, and jointly build a good environment for the harmonious survival and development of the enterprise inside and outside。

       "Highlight the advantages, both the main and the auxiliary"。Our company in the future to strengthen the survey, design of the main business at the same time,Resources will be further consolidated,Construction works as the main line,Radiate to broaden the scope of business,To achieve research consulting, survey and design, construction agent construction, supervision and testing, property development, building materials management as one of the group company,So as to lay a more solid foundation for the sustainable healthy and harmonious development of the company。At the same time, we sincerely further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all sectors of society, jointly achieve a new prospect of "mutual benefit and win-win, integrated development", and use our wisdom to describe a better blueprint for the company and "Great Beauty Qinghai"!