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Design Consultation:Planning consulting, preparation of project proposal, preparation of project feasibility study report, project application report, fund application report, engineering design, sunshine analysis。

Cost consultation:Settlement preparation, review and economic evaluation, project budget, budget, settlement, completion settlement (settlement) calculation, tender bottom, tender quotation preparation and review, cost monitoring and claims, cost information consultation, economic dispute identification。

Engineering Design:

1. Planning and design:Preparation of overall urban planning and various special planning (preparation of detailed planning, research and formulation of large-scale engineering project planning site selection proposal)

2. Architectural design:Scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design

3. Special design:Architectural decoration engineering design;Building curtain wall engineering design;Light steel structure engineering design;Intelligent building system engineering special design;Municipal public utilities (hot water, water supply);Municipal utilities (drainage, sanitation, roads);Commercial food industry (refined oil storage and transportation);Specialized in Landscape architecture;Design of power transmission and transformation for 35KV and below in the power industry;Chemical and Petrochemical Hospital Industry (Chemical Engineering)

4, engineering investigation,Surveying and mapping: geotechnical engineering investigation, surveying and mapping

5. Design brand:Sports architecture, cultural architecture, education architecture, office architecture, hotel architecture, medical architecture, residential architecture, commercial complex architecture, Industrial architecture, green architecture, planning and interior decoration

Related business: project contracting, building construction, cost consulting, surveying and mapping, foundation pit support