Project presentation

Xining Caojiapu Airport phase II construction project terminal

Design Department: Design one and two (The project won the second prize of the 2015 National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award, the first prize of 2015 Qinghai Province Excellent Survey and Design) 

    Xining Caojiapu Airport is located in the mutual aid zone of Haidong City, and the terminal is located away from the urban area of Xining30公里。The design objective of this terminal is2020Annual passenger throughput400Ten thousand passengers, of which the annual throughput of international passengers3Ten thousand passengers, domestic passenger throughput397Tens of thousands of people。In this period, the terminal is in the shape of "work" layout, which is a corridor structure, and the end of the corridor is enlarged into a centralized waiting area10Each near position (8C4D)。Peak hour passenger throughput1855People, which are divided within the country1699People, international division156The proportion of inbound and outbound passengers in peak hours is55%, the number is935人。Passenger transfer rate is50%, the number of passengers transferring85人。Total building area of the new terminal43950.0Square meters, floor area21654.0Square meters, two floors above ground, one floor underground, building height30.4,Meters, structural form for frame, steel structure, design service life50Seismic fortification intensity7度。

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