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Cost consulting

    The cost Consulting Department of Qinghai Institute of Architectural Survey and Design has been established since 1997,We will continue to strengthen the construction of political, ideological and spiritual civilization among workers,Regularly organize employees to learn the laws and regulations on engineering cost, as well as the provisions formulated by superior authorities and related professional knowledge,Cultivate good professional ethics for employees to serve customers,Adhere to objective, notarial, realistic and serious and responsible work attitude and professionalism,Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties in accordance with the law。 
    Over the years since its establishment, the Cost Consulting Department has completed more than 10,000 projects of various types of engineering cost consulting and engineering consulting, among which the main business scope is: feasibility study report preparation;Preparation of preliminary design general budget estimates;Engineering quantity list and control price preparation;Construction process cost management;Preparation and review of final accounts, etc。
    The results prepared by the relevant competent departments, bidding management departments and business entrusted departments after the review, the quality of our work has given a high evaluation and affirmation and won the market, for our province's engineering consulting and cost business has made a certain contribution。
    The cost consulting Department has 17 employees, including 6 senior engineers, 6 national registered cost engineers and 12 national registered consultants。
    Our service tenet is: accurate calculation, quality service, abide by the contract, quality first, reputation first。