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Architectural design




The company now has four comprehensive design offices, with various professional and technical personnel124Persons, with all kinds of national registered practicing qualifications53Name, senior title63People, intermediate title57People, junior title66人。Enjoy special allowance of The State Council1One hundred architects in contemporary China1Person, excellent expert of Qinghai Province2People, Qinghai Province outstanding professional and technical personnel3人。

2002Since the overall restructuring, the company has designed one, two, three and four in addition to independently designing and completing traditional projects such as various shopping malls, residences and schools, and designed one with planning advantages to better play the characteristics of village construction planning。The second design firm breaks through market constraints and uses good professional services to find design opportunities outside the province to expand and develop itself。The three design institutes take into account the work of engineering appraisal, and assist in earthquake resistance and reinforcement design under the premise of being able to do so。In the overall transformation of urban communities and districts, the four design offices exert their team efforts to identify market positioning and highlight the design potential。Cooperate with each other, learn from each other, give full play to their own design characteristics and advantages, and continue to win market share。Each design of the company adheres to the cultural heritage of Class-A design institutes, fully absorbs the design essence of Chinese architectural culture in the process of learning and digestion, and constantly innovates design works with local characteristics of Qinghai in practice and shaping。Firmly establish self-confidence in architectural culture, enrich and accumulate design experience, do not engage in weird and foreign architecture, based in the province, radiate outside the province, seize opportunities, tap potential, with "knowledge, innovation, integrity, brand" to open up the architectural design market。Over the years, he has undertaken various large and medium-sized public building design, super high-rise buildings, transportation buildings, commercial complexes, administrative office buildings, residential district planning and design, school buildings, traditional antique buildings, industrial plants and steel structure design, county planning, municipal facilities and other projects。Engineering design projects throughout the province, design tentacles extended to Shaanxi, Gansu, Xizang, Shenzhen, Beijing and other provinces and cities。It has completed nearly 10,000 projects of various large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings,其中,Yushu Contemporary waterfront Leisure area won the first prize of 2015 National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award for residential and residential communities;Xining Caojiapu Airport Phase II construction project terminal, Qinghai High People's Court trial office building won the 2015 National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award second prize for construction projects;"South Liang Hutai Ruins Park" project won the national architectural design industry architectural design award。"Yushu Airport Terminal""Qinghai Provincial Government Office in Xi 'an", "Qinghai Land and Resources Museum", "Qinghai Minzu University - Island Sports Education Hall" and other dozens of projects won the first, second and third prizes of Qinghai Province excellent engineering design,These engineering designs have achieved the breakthrough of the company's ministerial excellence Award zero for decades, which is not only a high affirmation of the company's technical strength, but also fully reflects the cooperation and innovation level of the company's team.It is the crystallization of the wisdom of all the designers of the company, and it is the "solidified music" poured with the collective strength and hard sweat, which shows the good technical heritage and design level of all the designers of the company, and further consolidates and consolidates the comprehensive strength of the company as a class-A design institute。

"Wisdom destroys buildings and flowers, blueprints write urban and rural feelings"。With the smooth advancement of the national "Belt and Road" economic strategy, Qinghai will surely usher in another rare development opportunity and challenge。习总书记说:“没有竞争就没有生产力”。In this hopeful and competitive environment to hone and forge ahead, the company's design spring will certainly be more bright and brilliant!