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Municipal engineering design Institute

The company's municipal engineering design institute is mainly engaged in urban water supply and drainage, heat, garden, sanitation, road, industrial and civil buildings planning and design, consulting and survey business。He has the rank of professor2, 6 registered public equipment engineers (water supply and drainage), 3 registered public equipment engineers (electrical), 2 registered cost division, 3 registered consulting engineers。With a professional team and strong technical advantages, Qinghai Park Province has the development opportunity, and has completed more than 150 engineering consulting, investigation and design since its establishment, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan。The representative design projects completed are: Ledu District, Haidong City 2.100,000 tons/day water supply project, Tongren City water supply 2.50,000 tons/day water supply project, Gonghe County 3.100,000 tons/day sewage treatment and supporting drainage pipe network project, Golmud New District heating area 1.27 million square meters thermal transformation project,Menyuan County city, Qinghai airport clean heating project,Xining City 109 National road urban environmental improvement project, Golmud province jointly built urban landscape improvement project,Hualong County Angsiduo River basin water environment, water ecology comprehensive regulation project,Haidong City Hehuang New green area road project,Environmental Protection infrastructure upgrading Project (Phase II) in agricultural and pastoral areas along the Yangtze River Basin。

In the future, we will continue to"Abide by the law and ensure the quality of design;Continuous improvement, the industry advanced;Abide by the contract, let the customer satisfaction "service concept, continuous innovation, forge ahead, speed up the development of water plants, sewage plants, energy investment services, focusing on the development of municipal roads, landscape business。Gradually expand the environmental protection industry, clean energy and other business areas, the implementation of pre-project planning, planning, survey, project management, general contracting, etc., further improve the technical capability and quality level, and eventually develop into a comprehensive municipal engineering service provider in Qinghai Province。